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Re: PenguinFile DocBook Docs

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>>>PS: Someone please try to convert that doc to PS. My TeX fails on that:
>>>>! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pool size=22212].
>>>><argument> t1\fFamName .f
>You should use this patch and add more 'capacity' to jadetex. It runs out
>of internal memory. The file is /usr/share/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf. My
>lists work just fine, haven't used tables. I used the prebuilt RPM:s, and
>I only needed to apply thi patch and it all works just fine. Oh, yeah, and
>you may need to hack /usr/bin/db2ps so that it runs jadetex one more time
>over the sources, otherwise your 'Table of Contents' may not have

Cool. Thx. It's running like a charm now.
I uploaded sgml/html/ps versions of the preliminary PenguinFile docs to
sunsite.auc.dk/pub/os/linux/penguinplay/Documentation/  incase soneone is


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