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Re: [Req #1881] PPlay CVS ???

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de> writes:

Christian> Thanks. BTW - is it possible to mirror the complete
Christian> repository (just in case, you know...) ?

Sure, but only as a read-only copy - there is (to my knowledge) no way
to merge two repositories back after a split.

If someone would like to mirror the repository, I can setup rsync
access to the whole area.

But if you are going to mirror the project of security reasons, then
you should know, that we make backup 6 times pr. week (daily except
saturday) on tape and all your checket our copies is also a kind of

Christian> You should check the cvs setup - it's possible that my
Christian> commit attempts left some dangling lockfiles
Christian> (penguinplay/configure, penguinplay/config.h and
Christian> penguinplay/Documentation/PenguinFile/*)

I will...