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Re: [org] Aiming for Release 1

Christian Reiniger writes:

 > >Yesterday I wrote PenguinEvents 
 > >(not completely obviously, but the user can raise events, and they will
 > Cool. Did you base it on the Gtk-- system?
No, this is the low level layer P system.  It is more designed to
prevent the user from having to worry (much) about signals, than anything
else.  To get high level stuff like our "messaging" you would set
a handler for one of these events to emit a message.  In fact this
whole user thing probably isn't very usefull except as a PEvents
debugging aid, since most C++ programs would be better off with the
Gtk-- style messaging.

 > Right.
 > Although PenguinFile will also be more or less Layer P.
Thats true.