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RE: [org] Aiming for Release 1

Justin Bradford writes:

I'll deal with this graphics stuff when I have had time to absorb it.
 > As someone else here mentioned, XFree86 4.0 has GLX support, which will be
 > used by Precision Insight's Direct Rendering Infrastructure to push data
 > to XMesa or 3D X drivers. XFree will have diverse 3D hardware support

 > > > PenguinSound
 > > >       <fill in>
 > > 
 > > Whatever has been done so far ?
 > ALSA is the only long-term choice. OSS is horrible and going nowhere. ALSA
 > won't be a standard for a while yet, but the interface is far more
 > powerful and flexible than OSS (or any Windows sound implementation for
 > that matter -- BeOS is its only competitor). It will have support for
 > hardware mixing, multichannel outputs, and 3D sound eventually.
Given ALSA is still not commonly used do you think we should have
a thin-wrapper giving us OSS/ALSA/Windoze/Whatever else compatibility,
and opt for only basic functionality in the first release?  In fact
we must have such a library for OS portability anyway.  So maybe
we write the library with ALSA in mind, but implement the first
version on top of OSS?  Do the sound people have any opinions on this?