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Re: [org] Aiming for Release 1

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>> BTW - A note about the two-layer model (P/O). That's mostly obsolete, as it
>> doesn't make much sense for most parts (e.g. in Penguin2D Layer P is simply
>> libggi*). Having a procedural API for all base functionality is still
>> important however.
>The ideas was always that LayerP would be a mixture of PPlay and 3rd party
>tools.  I don't see this has changed.  

Yup, I remembered that as soon as I started rereading the overview.html
<adding detailed overview.html rescan to TODO. The PenguinFile part (and
many others btw !!) also seriously needs an update >

>Yesterday I wrote PenguinEvents 
>(not completely obviously, but the user can raise events, and they will

Cool. Did you base it on the Gtk-- system?

>if we can keep PEvents as the only layer P component which we actually
>write then that would be bonus.

Although PenguinFile will also be more or less Layer P.


if (1==1.003) printf ("Pentium detected!\n");