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Re: New directions with much less objectives (Was Re: Comments?)

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>> Mesa on the one hand is a very nice software solution for OpenGL but
>> still lacks the most important thing with OpenGL: Hardware acceleration.
>> And if  Mesa uses hardware acceleration lets say with next release of
>> Xfree including GLX stuff then it will not be based no the pixel
>> orientated GGI.
>Well, actually such shortcommings are best fixed by the Mesa and XFree
>teams, but I think we are acutally in agreement.  See below.

BTW - are you subscribed to the GGI list again, Adrian? They have a pretty
interesting spec for libggi3d now.

>> What i mean is following: Lets say we have a class ppiInput that
>> represents keyboard (or mouse or joystick) input and where you can
>> receive messages about input events in any way. Instead of instancing it
>> once or using one global instance that represents the hardware itself i
>> would initialize it with a Drawable that can be displayed (i think a
>> ppgDevice in your hierarchy). So this means the input is always
>> initialized with drawables (things on screen). 
>Right... I think what you are talking about comes under the perview
>of the minimal GUI we have design, in such a case events can be received
>by windows.

Hmmm, *I* think he's talking about multiheading-like stuff, i.e. getting
the input from the correct set of devices associated with the correct
screen. But that will be quite easy with libggi/libgii (right, Marcus?)

>What I'll do is actually act on the item on my TODO list saying
>"DOCUMENT!".  Excpect some perceps generated docs when I have time for
>pg2d at least. PFile might not be able to do this because of the rewrite.

PFile isn't that problematic concerning the API. Get your stdio docs and
read quickly over PenguinFile.h and you should know your way around.
You can also read through the (new ;) SGML docs
(/Documentation/PenguinFile/ in CVS; I also put an archive at
ftp://sunsite.auc.dk/pub/os/linux/PenguinPlay/Documentation/) to understand
the design decisions etc.

Real excessive API documentation is scheduled for when the PakFile support
is up and running (i.e. whan there *is* something to document)


if (1==1.003) printf ("Pentium detected!\n");