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Re: PenguinFile DocBook Docs

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>PS: Someone please try to convert that doc to PS. My TeX fails on that:
>>! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pool size=22212].
>><argument> t1\fFamName .f
>I can think of two problems:
>1. you need to have a newer version of TeTeX. 0.9 is the recommended
>version, 0.4 (normal with RedHat) won't cut it.

Just installed 0.9. Together with JadeTeX 0.63 that works, but tables and
itemizedlists are scrambled. With JadeTeX 2.3-1 it again produces overflows.

>2. you need to enlarge some buffers for JadeTeX. I don't have the patch
>handy right now, but it can be found on the SGMLTools homepage, I suppose.
>It's a FAQ.

Hmmm, didn't find it. There's one person in the TODO section reporting that
error, but I didn't see any response/answer/fix.


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