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Percpes in the makefiles.

OK.  I added perceps  support to the makefiles.

I basically created a lot of makefiles in the (unused)
Documentation directory.  I recomment using builddir!=srcdir,
only becuase I have never tested the build system otherwise,
so you should do:

        cd build/
        cd Documentation
        make perceps-html

The caveats are:
        A) you must have preceps installed :)
        B) You must have the html templates where I have them
           You can change this easily enough by hacking
        C) There is a caveat C, but I can't remember it.  I'm sure
        someone will eventually find out the hard way.



We are using "perceps -b", this means you must put documentation
for class memebers BEFORE the class, this is sensible but nondefault.