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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further

 > > PPlay has great ideas but they are not being acted on, which makes the
 > > ideas useless. 
 > Rather than splitting energy, would it be better to join and already
 > active development team.  PPlay could certain do with some experienced
 > coders with a more free time on their hands. ;)

Addendum:  Much of the reason PPlay took so long to act was that
we spent so much time circling and redisigning, and never actually
starting.  So now that we have people doing active coding and other
work it seems the worst time to restart.  However I am open to
suggestions.  I'll attend (as I understand it 3 April is a Saturday,
which makes the meeting Sunday morning here, good).  I'm just worried
that the Germans will have to turn up around midnight their time.