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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further

root wrote:
>The Pheonix GSDK

Typo? (Big, burning feather animal = Phoenix)

>become increasingly difficult to do.  Therefore standard sound and video
>driver structure must be made known to the manufacturers and requests be

Sound: ALSA
Gfx: not so easy, currently X,Mesa

>  With this in mind, I request that all programmers interested in a
>Linux GSDK
>attend a meeting, 3 April 1999, at 22:00GMT (also known as UTC or ZULU
>this is 5:00pm EST, on the IRC network of Undernet (recomended server is
>dallas.tx.us.undernet.org, to avoid network splits, it is recomended

I'll be there if nothing serious happens. Let's hope the connection to
Undernet will be ok. (almost my favorite time btw ;)

>that all
>who plan to attend use this server), in the channel #PheonixGSDK (for

Again: Typo? (here it's more serious ;)

>Items on the agenda will be a taking of names of people who will be
>in the project, a tentative designing of some of the APIs, a call for a
>campaign, and other information.
>    I realize this has all been attempted before...and there are APIs
>for the
>different parts of this, but none focus on the game programmer, nor are
>convenient for him.  Some people will mention PenguinPlay.  PPlay has
>great ideas
>but they are not being acted on, which makes the ideas useless.

You looked at the homepage, right? Unfortunately a cemetery is more
up-to-date than that :(
Some time ago we had someone volunteering as new webmaster, but he has been
quiet since :(

But, ok. In fact, there *is* coding in PPlay now. We're few people with
little time, but things are improving.

As for gsdk coordination - www.linuxgames.org was set up for this, but the
server has been down for quite some time now and the maintainer doesn't
answer to mails. We were almost finished with moving the site to
sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames when the person reorganizing the pages
disappeared too. Anyone remotely interested in taking one of these jobs
(PPlay/LGDC) *PLEASE* speak up!

BTW: Is it ok to have this discussion officially on the linuxgames mailing
list? That's exactly what is was set up for.

[PPlay] you see, my net connection is more or less useable again. Don't
expect much from me the next days though, that home lan setup is keeping me
very busy (plus some real world things).


"World domination. Fast." (Linus Torvalds about Linux)