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Re: Interested in helping, but need help getting started

Interested in sound programming?  Sound team could use help the help. :-)
Subscribe to the lists of the teams you are interested in, find out what
needs to be done.  They will help you, trust me! :-) You sound like you
have a head on your shoulders so,  you shouldn't have to much trouble!

Derek Greene
Sound Team Lead

At 06:29 AM 5/13/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello, my name is Hunter Thomas. I am a student (I bet you get alot of
>us), and I am instested in joining the penguinplay effort, first because
>I want to be able to use it to write games, second becuse I want to know
>how it works so I can write genre specific plug-ins (like a squaresoft
>type RPG extention, if it's needed), and, so that I can get some
>practical, hands on, C++ coding experience. Mostly what I know I've
>taught myself from the O'Reilly book 'Practicle C++ Programing', so my
>practicle applications of what I've done are sparce. Can anyone help me
>get started? I am not affraid to just read docs, I don't expect one on
>one hand holding or anything. I was just wondering if anyone could point
>me in the right direction. I am really excited that a project like this
>exists, and will do my best to help it evolve.
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