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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, The Greene Family wrote:

> By take over, i mean me and a programming "buddy" so to speak of mine start
> coordinating things....I can get us a message passing structure, free web

Although I agree that maybe there needs to be some more overall 
coordination.  The important aspects of design and general layout have
been pretty much decided, and simply some hard work coding to the specs is

So I think the best things you could possible do:
i) Take over the Sound team, which is enough work in itself.
ii) get some of your friends to join in other empty slots in the project.

Otherwise there is nothing stopping you taking the source out of cvs and
forking a new project run by yourself.  

I would think that most of the current members, might object to someone
they hardly know taking 'leadership' of the project.  And I'm not the
person to ask, rather more a discussion for the general mailing list.

> and cvs space (virtually unlimited) that can be access via a simple domain

Penguinplay has all this.  Physical resource aren't the problem, it's
simply a matter of needing more man hours and maybe a little more

> name.   I and my friend has background in doing project coordination...but
> not in programming...but i'll check intot he FAQ et cetera.


> At 02:42 PM 3/18/99 +0000, you wrote:
> >On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, The Greene Family wrote:
> >
> >> Sir, who exactly is running PenguinPlay right now? Would they like someone
> >
> >The FAQ via (sunsite.auc.dk/cgi-bin/ppfom) is still upto date in this
> >regard.
> >
> >> to take it over because it looks (from the lack of coding in certain
> >> areas...) like it needs a rather serious revamping.  I like most of the
> >
> >Depends what you mean by take over.
> >
> >> setups for graphics et cetera right now, but, I'd like to see this project
> >> get a little...well alot more programmer support and have a little
> >> attention paid to it by game developers. So who would I need to talk to?
> >
> >Great, the sound project needs some basically to pull it off the floor.
> >Think you can do it?  
> >
> >Personally I think that the four main project groups (Sound, Graphics,
> >Net, Input) need to present a basic design spec first release goal
> >document. Then just do it.   Sound is dead in the water at the moment, so
> >is in the most need of work.
> >
> >The other probably important are is the underlying message passing
> >structure. 

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