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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further

The spinoff will be a completely private thing for my own enjoyment (yes,
believe it or not, I rather enjoy doing things like this), I'm on ALL of the
PPlay lists. and I am going to start organizing the sound and input APIs ASAP. 
Unfortunately, I have a biology project due, so it will be slow work until this
weekend. :-(

I would like a few tidbits of information however:
a) status of each individual projects (so I may update the homepage.)
b) who is interested in sound and input

Part of my plan for input, btw, is to implement USB...it will be an ongoing
thing though because USB implementation takes a long time to do. :-) But I think
it will be a rather nice addition.

I have one recomendation though...whoever is doing graphics REALLY ought to
take the mesa source and take a shot at optimizing it's software mode (which is
obvious a rather widely used mode) it's rather slow from my experience and
from what I am told. 

Oh btw, I'm a registered Creative Labs developer and a registered Thrustmaster
developer so I can get a lot of information out of the 2 companies.

Derek Greene