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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further

At 12:05 18/03/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Well sir, at this point my goal merely is to assist the person in charge
>because I honestly believe they needs it.  The fork idea I thank you for
>because I'm going to do it, but I would definitely LOVE to do sound and
>It's something I enjoy doing and have experience Doing.

 I think it's counterproductive to create another project, particularly as
penguinplay seems to be at a point where it's about to take off (just seems to
need a bit of a push start...). If you create another project, which one are
people going to contribute to? Are you going to hijack all the contributors
from PPlay? Or are you going to manually copy & paste from the PP CVS as it is
updated & put the relevant code into your own project?
 All seems a bit silly to me - just my 2c..

 btw, if you want to do sound & input, join the appropriate PP mailing lists &
start organising them! That would be much better than starting your own PP
spinoff, and less work for you too..

>I knew you had CVS and webspace, but would you not prefer
>to sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay? I thought it might be easier to remember
for the
>absent minded among us. (Lord knows i have to visit a site several times
>I remember the URL :-)

 www.penguinplay.org would be best, but the http://penguinplay.home.dhs.org/
(or the one without the '.home') which Nicholas setup are more than adequate.