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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If NothingFurther

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, The Greene Family wrote:

> The spinoff will be a completely private thing for my own enjoyment (yes,
> believe it or not, I rather enjoy doing things like this), I'm on ALL
> of the
> PPlay lists. and I am going to start organizing the sound and input

So you're going to organize the pplay sound and input code and spin-off
you're own entire gsdk?

> b) who is interested in sound and input

> Part of my plan for input, btw, is to implement USB...it will be an
> ongoing
> thing though because USB implementation takes a long time to do. :-)
> But I think
> it will be a rather nice addition.

USB is a kernel-level driver issue, and there are already a lot of people
working on this. Support for input devices (USB or not) comes through a
kernel device interface.

> I have one recomendation though...whoever is doing graphics REALLY
> ought to take the mesa source and take a shot at optimizing it's
> software mode (which is obvious a rather widely used mode) it's rather
> slow from my experience and from what I am told. 

I imagine the mesa developers would be slightly more inclined to do that.

> Oh btw, I'm a registered Creative Labs developer and a registered
> Thrustmaster developer so I can get a lot of information out of the 2
> companies.

I'll bet you can't get open specs for the Sound Blaster Live...

I don't mean to be too critical here, but how much development experience
do you have on large projects? Spin-off you're own GSDK; optimize Mesa;
and write USB, sound card, and joystick drivers? These aren't trivial
things, but you seem to imply that they are...

Justin Bradford