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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further

>Are you really 250% sure about making a spinoff? In the best case that
>won't benefit PPlay as much as you joining in and in the worst case it will
>do a lot of harm. What is it that you can't do *with* PPlay?
Thought about the spinoff thing, it was a descision made while
underexcitement from taking ont he Sound and Input projects, idiotic
immaturirty kicking in once again. My apologies. :-)

>$CVSROOT/penguinplay/STAUTS is quite up-to-date
Kay, thanks, I will look at that in a bit.

>Er, you know that there are quite some people working on that? And that
>it's a pure driver issue?

Yeah, I knew it was a driver thing, I hadn't realized anyone was working on
it when i wrote that.  I went looking for some USB info and found the page
for it, they look like they've come a ways too.

>Yup, it is. But we're not using MESA yet. It's of no use to just pick more
>or less random things that need improvement, start working on them and
>completely neglect PPlay itself.
>The people who like to work on Mesa do Mesa hacking, the people who like to
>do driver coding write USB drivers, the ones liking to write low level
>abstraction libs improbe libggi and libgii and we, liking to make a medium
>to high level game SDK work on PPlay.

Yes, my i had udnerstood formt he webpage or somewhere else you guys were
using mesa so that is a misunderstanding on my part. Sorry. :-) Honestly,
someone needs to work on optimizing it though.

>Registered like the "please register for our developer support program" on
>the websites? Sorry, that won't help that much.
>	Christian

No Registered as in i've signed an NDA for Creative, and Thrustmaster
didn't requireone, so i did the registe our in program with thrustmaster
and honestly tthrustmaster will give you anything (including joysticks -
which they did).

Derek Greene