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Re: [Fwd: Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further]

I think I'll take on the LDGC site as it needs more maintenance. I
assume I must email
the linuxgames site master about the access.

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Great. Which one - PPlay or LGDC? (I'd say you concentrate on one of
> them. I made bad experiences with people trying to do too many things
> properly.)
> With LGDC it's a bit more difficult. An old version of the site is at
> http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/lgdc/
> It's one of the first versions and AFAIK all newer ones are lost :(
> I don't know if the linuxgames ftp space is already set up (Ian?). If yes,
> I can place you a tarball there.
> Committing the new one:
> For PPlay you'd have to talk to the sunsite staff about that. We decided to
> move the homepage out of CVS (it's simply too unflexible for that), but I
> don't know how it will be organized now. Most likely it will be similar to
> the linuxgames setup where changing the homepage is simply a matter of
> ftp'ing the new stuff to sunsite.
> Cu
>         Christian
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