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Re: Guidelines? (And a quick note about the website)

On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, The Greene Family wrote:

> Are there any specific design guidelines I ought to follow? I'm going to
> draw up some drafts of documents describing the "new" PSound, PInput and I

In ${cvslocation}/www/PenguinDoc/coding.html and whatever other files
there are in that direcrtory. 

www/PenguinDoc/general.html contains information about layer P and O.

> prefer C++ but if the rest of the project uses predominantly C, then I'll
> go with that.

C++ with the following www/PenguinDoc/gsdk_c_wrappers.html 

> Oh and Mr. James, if you need anyhelp with the website, drop me a note.

I'm planing to maintain the CVS version of the site, but if someone else
wants to make a nice new php3 or dynamic interface....


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