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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing

On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Christof Buergi wrote:

> >  www.penguinplay.org would be best, but the
> >  http://penguinplay.home.dhs.org/
> Hmmm, maybe I could get "penguinplay.discordia.ch". For Free. But
> no warranty on that (may look around if you like to).

penguinplay.dhs.org current points at sunsite.auc.dk
while penguinplay.home.dhs.org currently redirects to sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay

With a little bit of virtual hosting (depends on sunsite people) we can
get the first to work right.  The above domains where set up within about
ten mintues of me reading Derek Green talk about a new domain, just to
show that it served no realy point at the moment to do so. 

So as it is domain names aren't a problem, just finding people to do the
required coding.


      "I reserve the right to contradict myself"
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