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Re: Here it is!

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Errol Smith wrote:

[ good comments snipped ]

> btw, exactly how cross platform is penguinplay (the whole thing, not
> just penguinsound) going to be? I assume it is intended to cover Linux
> on all platforms, but is it also intended to cover other Unix flavours
> as well, and even windows, macintosh, BE or other operating systems?
> The overview mentions porting to win95, so I assume we are aiming for
> something both cross-OS, as well as presumably cross-architecture. No?

In long run, unix portablility should be straight forward.  Given a good
design porting to win32 is certainly on the cards.

However as I've been reitrating, our number one goal at the moment should
be to get a working demo release.  If working on one platform helps this,
then we should stick to it.