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Re: Demo Game Plan

Christian Reiniger writes:
 > No timeline. We won't be able to keep it anyway. But good "things to do
 > next" lists on a regular basis.

 > Perhaps something Raptor-like (spaceship 2d shooter-scroller) would be
 > better for the start as it doesn't need such sophisticated collission
 > handling and AI and doesn't need gravity at all. And scrolling isn't
 > dependent from user input.
I'm not sure scrolling is a big problem.  We might want to go for
simple collision detection if we want to do a quick job.

 > Collision detection, distinguishing between "environment" (not damaging)
 > and opponents (damaging)
Collsion detection causes a handler to be called.  The handler can
do what it likes.  At least that is my guess.  That kind of decision is
for a more detailed design stage.

 > Object trajectories, autonomous movement along them.

 > How will we handle input? (libgii?)
Probably.  We can build PInput from what we have in this game.

> > > Sprites:
 > > >    Everything on screen is a sprite, sprite hear is probably the
 > > >    wrong word since what I am thinking of are heaver than real a
 > > >    sprite.
 > To do this properly we need both ppg2d support for Sprites (self-contained
 > 2d images that know how to draw themselves) and "Game Objects" caring about
 > movement paths, collisions etc.
Yes and no.  We will want something higher level than waht ppg2d
currently supports.  We might implement this by adding to ppg2d,
but for now I am leaning towards hacking it into the game, and using
that as a prototype for whatever eventually gets put into ppg2d.

> Eventually also some Screen Layer support in ppg2d (background layer,
 > platform layer, sprite layer)
Yes.  And this probably _does_ need to be done in ppg2d.

 > ppg2d: much of the planned high-level layer
 > 	2d images (for sprites; this includes animated images)
 > 	Sprites
Yes, but I think we should probably prototype in in the
demo first.  I've already done too much pg2d work in the blind.

> 	eventually layers
 > 	Offscreen buffers for smooth scrolling (virtual screen?)
We need off screen buffers regardless of scrolling.

 > gamespace: The basics plus some simple specific modules
 > 	simple 2d physics. Gravity, linear trajectories etc
 > 	collision detection
 > 	level management. Handling of Entities etc
Again, I am thinking of this high level kind of things as being
a _prototype_ for gamespace than actually using gamespace.  But
maybe not.