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Re: Net: Alive?

Jan Ekholm wrote:
>Is there anybody on this list that can be classified as 'alive'? :-) I put

Well, i guess I am alive, but I'm no network person as you know ;)

>o The server is now entirely thread-based, no more fork():s are used.
>Reduces some overhead and seems to increse connection speed.

Nice. Someone I can get threading tips from ;)

>o Stubs for more advanced management of the server remotely.

How it it currently managed? Via some special utility or via a "simple"
HTML interface?

>o Better handling of the config-file (regexps are nice), more

What regexp package do you use? I ask both because I plan for some advanced
configfile handling in PPlay and because of thet dreaded license issue
(IIRC the package I checked last (was quite some time ago though) was under
plain GPL).

>What I was really after is if anybody has som comments as to what
>functionality needs to be added. Most of what is found on the PenguinNet
>homepage is now incorporated. As I've now ripped much stuff to pieces it


>The ChangeLog as well as all available docs and downloads can as usual be
>found at http://www.infa.abo.fi/~chakie/zombie/

Do the docs already describe the changes?



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