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Re: Misc.

The Greene Family schrieb:
> ave we thought of actively recruiting developers into the project?  We need

Active recruiting doesn´t work for free projects. Developers will come
when we have good and most importantly *useful* code. That´s the only
way for PPlay to become big: start with something small, but cool and
working. And we´re getting there.

> help desperately!  I mean from what I see net and input are relatively DEAD!

Net is certainly not dead. It´s just developed/organized somewhat
seperate from the main PPlay code. But 700+ kBytes of working code
surely don´t classify as "dead" ;)

But Input is serious, you´re right. But I somehow don´t care that much
about that. When we´ll have useful code interest in PPlay will grow, and
when interest grows people will also be interested in adding the then
missing parts. Just look at CrystalSpace. It started as a highly
specilalized 3D engine, without the intention to ever do more. But when
it became really good developers came and made plans for adding other
specialized 3D engines, then added soun, networking etc code.

> I think most people don't even know we exist frankly.  It's not like we
> have press releases or what have you.

We had some. And we´re known more widely than you might think, partly
because PPlay was the first Linux game SDK out there. But we´re known as
people with great plans, but no code. Until we also have good code press
releases etc will do only harm by strengthening that image.

> Have any of you thought about having someone full time to do the websites
> and keep the news up to date?  Have the project leads (other than mean)

Yep. There was Garrett. He disappeared. Then Henti wanted to take over.
Disappeared before he started.

> have seen sound team is me and peter!  I can't imagine what the other teams
> are comprised of!

Graphics: Adrian, me, Laurent (somehow)
Support: me, Jaroslav
Net: Jan, Mikko, Stephane

That´s enough for a solid first 0.1 release.

> Just some rambling thoughts,

Stay faithful. We´re just at the beginning.