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Re: How useful is the Golgotha source to the project?

On Sun, 8 Nov 1998, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> N.J. Lee wrote: 
> >Can any of the low level stuff be pulled out and used?
> Hmmm, I think I'll get the source the next days (uni recently equipped some
> computers with CD-RW drives ;) and have a look at it if time permits.
> Who wants to help?

If you can get me a cd copy of the source.  I only have access through a
28.8Kbps modem behind a saturated T1 (yeah, I'm switching schools pretty
soon ;).....I already spent 3 days downloading Oracle and I'm not eager to
repeat the process.

If anyone in the US (since it'd probably be cheaper to mail the cd)
can burn me a copy of everything, I'd be happy to reimburse you for the
cd's and shipping charges.

> Perhaps we should also talp to the ppl on http://golgothaforever.org about
> that...

Couldn't hurt.  Something else you guys might want to check out is the SDL
lib.  I've playing around with it for the past couple of days, and it's
got some cool stuff in it.  It's under the LGPL, and is supposed to work
under win32 as well as X and BeOS.

Take it easy,

K. Spoon <kspoon@innocent.com>
"Someone break out a thorazine jab stick and escort this broken mental
 omlette over to the belted coat crowd."  --  Harold Stevens