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Re: How useful is the Golgotha source to the project?

K. Spoon wrote:

>> Who wants to help?
>If you can get me a cd copy of the source.  I only have access through a

>If anyone in the US (since it'd probably be cheaper to mail the cd)
>can burn me a copy of everything, I'd be happy to reimburse you for the
>cd's and shipping charges.

Hmmm, I have access to both a fast line and a CD writer (both at uni) - but
I'm in Germany. Which US citizen here can help?

>Couldn't hurt.  Something else you guys might want to check out is the SDL
>lib.  I've playing around with it for the past couple of days, and it's
>got some cool stuff in it.  It's under the LGPL, and is supposed to work
>under win32 as well as X and BeOS.

And Solaris. Yes, we know it ;) IIRC its Author is subscribed to this list
(Slouken, do you hear me?)


"use the source, luke." (obi-wan gnuobi)