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You know I was thinking.  Although most of our effort goes into
2D, 3D engines, sound support, networking.

Not a lot of time of effort is spent on devloping API's for Installing a

One thing that would be nice if a Game developer wrote one install
The install script would know what WM the user was using.  Then the Game

Icon, and menu options  would be installed wherever it is customary
(i.e. I use Elightenment WM.  The destop has serveral Icons that launch
an application. )  this would also be the case for KDE, FVWM ...

Also a constitant Intall interface would be really great. ( Don't get me
I really do not mind installing from TARs) but it would be nice if an
could detect if X windows is up and laucn a script file that opens up a
GUI installer.

Althought RPM's do a nice job of finding depencincies and installing the

programs to the right directories, they do not install the stubs for the
to lauch the program.  Typically the user must create the programs path
in their own WM config file.

I THINK that if are goals are to promote professional developers to
develop Games in LINUX we have to provide them with tools that will
make there product look profesional.
Not to belitte the 2D or 3D develpment, but most game developers
willl probably write their own game engins, because that is what they
do for a living.  Most developers however do not like wrighting
install programs, drivers for HW and OS specific APIs.  I think that if
we write those utilities that will be more appealing than if we write

Xavier Plasencia
E-mail: xavierp@motiva.com