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Re: Suggesstion

On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Xavier Plasencia wrote:

>Not a lot of time of effort is spent on devloping API's for Installing a

Which is good. We have RPM and DEB already, which do everything that could
be needed, except for showing stupid 'splash-screens' while installing.

>One thing that would be nice if a Game developer wrote one install


Hmm, in RPM you can have scripts run 'postinstall', which means the script
is run when RPM has copied the files and set permissions. _That's_ the
place for custom install-scripts.

>Althought RPM's do a nice job of finding depencincies and installing the
>programs to the right directories, they do not install the stubs for the
>to lauch the program.  Typically the user must create the programs path
>in their own WM config file.

Just add a small script to the RPM-file. Simple. Check up on
http://www.rpm.org for a list of what you can/can't do with RPM. It takes
30min to figure out how it works and smash together a simple RPM
for a small project... :-)

>I THINK that if are goals are to promote professional developers to
>develop Games in LINUX we have to provide them with tools that will
>make there product look profesional.

I'd rather go for a reliable but ugly installation compared to a lot of
bells'n'whistles but unreliable operation. You install the software only
once, but if it is unreliably installed you pay for the fancy installation
every time you run the game.

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