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Re: Suggesstion

You make a lot of real good points.  But I think you missed what I was aming
for, or you just didn't care :)
Your philosophy about ugly and reliable is  really server mentality.  Game
(consumer market) is more about flash.  If you do not agree look at all the
games and top products.  Show me a best seller w/o good graphics.  How many
have great intros that have noting to do with the game,... the list  is

However I am not implying lets write crap but look good.  I am saying if we
are going
to write anything, lets make it work as good as it looks.

Jan Ekholm wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Xavier Plasencia wrote:
> >Not a lot of time of effort is spent on devloping API's for Installing a
> >product.
> Which is good. We have RPM and DEB already, which do everything that could
> be needed, except for showing stupid 'splash-screens' while installing.

First RPM/DEB are a Linux thing... I thought this project spaned Linux ...
maybe I was wrong
Second they are solutions to only two Linux platforms,(I know there are others
support RPMS but who)
I was not even suddgesting developing a whole new insall system, but
possibly extenging the configuration /AutoMake, and just adding a GUI
to it.


> >One thing that would be nice if a Game developer wrote one install
> >script.
> <snip>
> Hmm, in RPM you can have scripts run 'postinstall', which means the script
> is run when RPM has copied the files and set permissions. _That's_ the
> place for custom install-scripts.
> >Althought RPM's do a nice job of finding depencincies and installing the
> >programs to the right directories, they do not install the stubs for the
> >user
> >to lauch the program.  Typically the user must create the programs path
> >in their own WM config file.
> Just add a small script to the RPM-file. Simple. Check up on
> http://www.rpm.org for a list of what you can/can't do with RPM. It takes
> 30min to figure out how it works and smash together a simple RPM
> for a small project... :-)
> >I THINK that if are goals are to promote professional developers to
> >develop Games in LINUX we have to provide them with tools that will
> >make there product look profesional.
> I'd rather go for a reliable but ugly installation compared to a lot of
> bells'n'whistles but unreliable operation. You install the software only
> once, but if it is unreliably installed you pay for the fancy installation
> every time you run the game.

I do not recall anywere in my post that I suddggest writing an urealiable
flashy install.

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