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File Access 2: File names, links and URLs


Shai Revzen (did I get the name right?) suggested that we perhaps extend
the file name and symbolic link concept a bit - by adding support for URLs.
This would allow game developers to easily - trivially - access files
across a network and perhaps other goodies (e.g. using
"cdrom://GameCD-1/data/somefile" to access a file on some cd-rom, no matter
where it is mounted).

I somehow like the idea. It looks somehow intimidating at first, but in
practice it's only an extension mechanism. As long as only the file://
access method (the default) is supported, it's almost exactly the same
thing as normal filenames. Additional access methods (ftp, http, mailto,
...) can be implemented later.

It somehow fits in the "power-and-comfort" scheme of PenguinPlay...