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RE: File Access: cache-on-HDD, more

Hi all

Sorry for a long silence .. been away for a while ..

regarding disk cache. I worked witha  group of guy's who was working on a game
and they used a nice system that works like this.

When installing the game, you usually have a minimum, medium and maximum

They decided that this is not a good way of doing things. So when installing it
ask you what space you want to allocate for your install, let's say 100MB

so it creates a 100MB file for install .. then when you play the game it reads
from the cdrom .. and dumps it into the cachefile ( install file ) 

This can work well for tile based games .. but can it maybe be applied to 3d
games as well ??


On 15-Nov-98 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Ok, next issue.
> Shai suggested that we provide som sort of cache-on-hdd, e.g. for caching
> many smaller files to circumvent the long CD-ROM seek times or to cache
> files after decompression etc.
> Another feature that more or less goes hand in hand with that is
> transparent aliasing, i.e. aliasing file names/access paths at runtime,
> e.g. to faciliate i18n or - to redirect accesses to cached files.
> What do you think? Good or bad or evil?
> Cu
>       Christian
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