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pg2d stubles out the door.

Well, after a long and difficult battle with CVS I finally managed
to commit the changes I made to pg2d during the past week.  This
is another one of those "monster updates", which have got to stop.

I also made a tarball of the bits of the CVS tree needed to compile
and run pg2d, I have uploaded that to sunsite.  The tarball is now
visible in the incomming directory.  I've put the primary site
as sunsite.unc.edu pub/Linux/libs/graphics/pg2d-26111998.tar.gz,
it would be nice to have an FTP site of our own. When it actually 
finds a permanent location at sunsite, I will post it on freshmeat 
and c.o.l.a.  

Anyway there is a strange problem.  The thing will refuse to link
unless I disable debugging.  It is complaining about an undefined
symbol even though that symbol should is an inline function. Normally
this is associeted with a real undefined symbol, but when I turn off
debugging  (and hence turn on inlining) it links just fine.  Ignoring
the fact that I should not hav inlined the function in question
anyway, this is worrying.  I will not be able to touch so sources for
two months so I can't fix it.  Could someone look into it and post
a revised version of the tarball.  

We should put a  "make dist" into the build system, both to make tarballs
of the whole thing, and smaller ones of particular parts like pg2d and
the PakCompiler.