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Re: pg2d stubles out the door.

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>and run pg2d, I have uploaded that to sunsite.  The tarball is now

sunsite.unc.edu or sunsite.auc.dk?

>visible in the incomming directory.  I've put the primary site
>as sunsite.unc.edu pub/Linux/libs/graphics/pg2d-26111998.tar.gz,
>it would be nice to have an FTP site of our own. When it actually 

I'll ask our gentle hosts ;)

>Anyway there is a strange problem.  The thing will refuse to link

>two months so I can't fix it.  Could someone look into it and post
>a revised version of the tarball.  

I hope I'll have a first usable bare-bones implementation of PenguinFile up
and running this weekend (bare-bones meaning only normal files supported
and 90% of the functions simply #defined to stdio functions. But usable).
After that I'll concentrate on pg2d until you're back.

>We should put a  "make dist" into the build system, both to make tarballs
>of the whole thing, and smaller ones of particular parts like pg2d and
>the PakCompiler.

Good Idea.
BTW: we should start some TODO list on the homepage. Perhaps implemented
via fom or so.


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