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Re: pg2d stubles out the door.

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Adrian Ratnapala wrote:
> >and run pg2d, I have uploaded that to sunsite.  The tarball is now
> sunsite.unc.edu or sunsite.auc.dk?

> I'll ask our gentle hosts ;)

> I hope I'll have a first usable bare-bones implementation of PenguinFile up
> and running this weekend (bare-bones meaning only normal files supported
> and 90% of the functions simply #defined to stdio functions. But usable).
And we don't bother changing those #defines into anything more than trival
wrappers until much later.

> After that I'll concentrate on pg2d until you're back.

> Good Idea.
> BTW: we should start some TODO list on the homepage. Perhaps implemented
> via fom or so.
Yep.  Is garret still alive?

> Winsock: what Bill Gates wears under his Winshoe
Hmm, if you loose your connection, then your telnet session dies.
Under linux it just hangs, which is much scarier, but at least
you can resume work when you reconnect.  This (as I found out yetserday)
is very useful if you are halfway through writing an email over
telnet.  Unfortunately I learned this the hard way as this
is a '95 box I am telnetting from.