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Re: pg2d stubles out the door.

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>> >and run pg2d, I have uploaded that to sunsite.  The tarball is now
>> sunsite.unc.edu or sunsite.auc.dk?

Hmmm, didn't find it there. But I might be blind ;)

>> I'll ask our gentle hosts ;)

I found out that we already *have* our own ftp dir on
sunsite.auc.dk/projects/pplayftp/  plus a link to that location named
But it doesn't look as if we had write access to that (user "ftpuser",
group "ftpuser").

Well, the sunsite staff is notified. Expect a password mail the next days.

>> and 90% of the functions simply #defined to stdio functions. But usable).
>And we don't bother changing those #defines into anything more than trival
>wrappers until much later.

Yep. The main issue with PenguinFile now is that we can use the API in our
other code. (But everyone is nevertheless invited to do some work on it ;)

>> After that I'll concentrate on pg2d until you're back.

Pure selfishness *grin*
I can't start doing serious work on PenguinGUI until pg2d is much more
mature ;)

>> BTW: we should start some TODO list on the homepage. Perhaps implemented
>> via fom or so.
>Yep.  Is garret still alive?

Funny you asked. I already wondered why there hasn't been any sign from him
for several months now. A good webmaster is *very* important for a project
such as ours :(

>telnet.  Unfortunately I learned this the hard way as this
>is a '95 box I am telnetting from.

Ouch. Adrian in exile, far away from civilization ;)


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