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Re: PFile compiles again

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>Is that version in CVS? (made a checkout ~1 hour ago)


>I surely can't compile mine. There's two problems in URLInfo:
>1) This line:
>CurrentPos += part _size [PartPos];

that's in a #ifdef PP_SYS_OS_WIN32 block ;)

Anyway, corrected and committed.

>2) A const pointer is used to alter what it points to in ToNative().

Where exactly? I couldn't find it.

>And you moved the allocator implementation and header files, which make
>each one give me an error, as their header files are no longer in the
>same directory as they are.
>#include "DynMemAlloc.h"
>Should be
>#include <PenguinPlay/DynMemAlloc.h>



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