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Re: PFile work

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>The format that is I've implemented PakDirectory to write is this:
>Attribs (4 bytes)
>NameLength (1 byte)
>Name (Max 255 chars, no trailing \0)

That means directories' names and attribs are always stored twice (once in
the dir struct, once in the entry struct)?

>Serialized image of file container.
>Serialized image of dir container.

>I removed two lines of code from the PakDirectory constructor that set
>the current and modification time to -now-, as the default GenericDir
>constructor already does this.

See the private mail. That looks like a misconception.

>Btw, is it possible for CVS to send E-mail to some address whenever
>something is altered (telling precisely what has been altered)? If yes,

cvs watch add -R -a commit <files/dirs>

tells cvs to send you a mail once one of the specified files has been
committed, i.e. you get one mail for each of the committed ones, telling
you that it has been committed. No changelog.

There's no other method I know of.

BTW - it only works if you have a cvs account. I guess it's time you get
one. Can you (priv-)mail me your desired username/passwd ?


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