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Re: PFile work

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>There's also the argument that the directory is not created at mount
>time, it was there before, it just got connected to virtual FS at mount
>time. Kind of like a file (or dir, as is the case here) on a floppy disk
>(or a harddisk for that matter), which don't get its date set to "now".
>For now, I'll implement it by setting it to "now", as I wouldn't exactly
>say this is an issue that keeps me up at night... ;)

I'll add a note to the TODO. That's enough for now ;)

>> The pak root dir doesn't have a name as such. It gets its name only at

>We could just give it a name of "\0".


>> >Excuse my english... What I meant was storing the filenamesize in
>> >unsigned shorts rather than unsigned chars.
>Actually, do any OSes support names longer than 255 chars? I mean,
>paths, certainly, but names? I don't know...

Not that I know of. <grepping /usr/src/linux/fs/*>. No, don't think so.


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