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Re: PSound & ppconfig.h

Peter Burns wrote:

>>Peter, can I modify the PSound stuff to work >with ppconfig.h or do you
>You can make the changes if you want. Is it just

Ok, did it.

* FileAudio.cpp includes config.h - That shouldn't be unless it's part of
  some seperately built utility! [I haven't fixed this]
* I haven't fixed the Win32 project etc files

And some side notes:

* Esd.cpp:9 : using the ppThrow () macro here makes things easier.
* Debug messages should be printed using ppDebug (or at least be written to
  cerr instead of cout). ppDebug () also lets you safely omit the #ifdef
  DEBUG braces (and shows correct behavior regarding PP_DEBUGLEVEL).
* The Makefile.in should *not* be in CVS
* Why do you use both 
  lib_LIBRARIES   = libpsound.a     and
  lib_LTLIBRARIES = libpsound.la ?
  That could be the source of the linking problems.



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