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Re: PSound & ppconfig.h

Christian Reiniger wrote:
>Ok, did it.

>* FileAudio.cpp includes config.h 
I'll try and fix it.

>* Esd.cpp:9 : using the ppThrow () macro here makes things easier.

I still haven't got around to throwing the correct exceptions. I still throw strings most of the time.

>* Debug messages should be printed using ppDebug 

I'll try and fix this up when I get time.
This week has been pretty busy. I went to see the new james bond movie, played 4 touch footy games and had the christmas party at work.

>* Why do you use both
>  lib_LIBRARIES   = libpsound.a     and
>  lib_LTLIBRARIES = libpsound.la ?
>  That could be the source of the linking problems.

I did that so I could have the choice of using either a static or dynamic library. Dynamic libraries need to be installed to a path where ldso can find it. Thats what libtool was complaining about. lib_LTLIBRARIES refers to the dynamic libraries that get installed to /usr/lib or somewhere. I eventually managed to build the penguinplay library by changing the rules to 
penguinplay_la_LDADD = PenguinFile/*.lo \
or something like that.

>Peter Burns wrote:
>>I recently found a good cvs interface called tkcvs which comes with a
>>program called tkdiff which makes it easy to merge the source together

>In what respect? Showing Src and dest and highlighting the changes?

It allows you to compare the differences between local source and a revision in the repository. Its similar to ediff for emacs - its just a bit friendlier to use.

Peter Burns

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