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Re: Hi there

Sam Lantinga wrote:

>> Uh. Well, errm, you caught us with our pants down. Sound is propably the
>> least advanced area here (and with most other Linux Game SDKs). You could

>SDL sound is very usable.  You can roll your own mixer, or use an example
>one provided in the examples and demos archive.  

I apologize :)

>New in the latest version of SDL (0.8.x) is a feature that automatically

>Also new in SDL 0.9.5, is CD-ROM audio control.. so far it's been
implemented >on Linux and BeOS. :)

Heyheyhey, wait. Stop a minute. Some days ago you started with 0.8, and now
you're advancing from 0.8.X to 0.9.5 within seconds!!! Err, did you ever
think of helping with PenguinPlay?? ;)


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