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Re: Hi there

> Uh. Well, errm, you caught us with our pants down. Sound is propably the
> least advanced area here (and with most other Linux Game SDKs). You could
> have a look at the ALSA (http://alsa.jcu.cz/), GSI
> (http://wouters.www.cistron.nl/gsi/gsi.html) and perhaps SDL
> (http://www.devolution.com/~slouken/SDL/) Homepages. And eventually ClanLib
> has some useable sound code (http://clanlib.org/).

SDL sound is very usable.  You can roll your own mixer, or use an example
one provided in the examples and demos archive.  
New in the latest version of SDL (0.8.x) is a feature that automatically
converts the audio format you want to the audio format available.
The example mixer even supports .xm, .mod, .s3m, and .it music formats
via a special port of the mikmod library. :)

Also new in SDL 0.9.5, is CD-ROM audio control.. so far it's been implemented
on Linux and BeOS. :)

Just my .02 billion dollars. :)


Of course MIDI is where my pants are down, but some good folks on the devel
mailing list are working on a spec, and I'll probably port timidity to SDL. :)

See ya!
	-Sam Lantinga				(slouken@devolution.com)

Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -