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failure notice (fwd)

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Subject: failure notice

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Subject: Re: PenguinPlay.h cleanup & much other stuff
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 18:22:19 +1000
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>I just committed the PakCompiler sources (in
>penguinplay/PenguinTools/PakCompiler/). I created the PenguinTools
>hierarchy for that - if anyone here doesn't like that arrangement, please
>tell me as long as we can change it without much fuss.
PenguinTools/ good.

>1) We really need to do a cleanup of PenguinPlay.h, Adrian. Throwing out
>the useless typedefs (e.g. int -> ppInt), making the entire thing more
>readable (or perhaps dividing it into several files - ppDebug.h,
>ppExceptions.h, ppTypes.h, ...) etc
>I already changed the base exception class definition to the new form, but
>that's just a small part.
Agreed, we should split it up.  I once tried splitting it into C++ only and
general, but that failed for some reason.

>2) What's the "src" dir exactly for? it currently only contains the
>ppUtils.cc file.
It's for all the shared code.  One day we might put container classes
etc.  although I would prefer to use glib.   (Hehe, yet another sysdep).

>3) There is no $(includedir)/PenguinPlay/ yet. IMHO PenguinPlay.h should
>be the only (non-local) header that's not in $(includedir)/PenguinPlay/ ,
>if at all. 
There should be _no_ headers not under PenguinPlay/, I really hate it when
libraries give me more than one thing into /usr/iocal/include.  (Exception:

>4) I changed the main Make_Common.in to the OBJS=$(COBJS) $(CXXOBJS) etc
>thingy. Can you test if this actually works for your pg2d sources, Adrian?
Eeeeventually.  (I.e when I remember to type "ifup ppp2" instead of "ifup

>5) We should define a set of standard exception types, e.g.:
>ppEResourceAllocation   // out of memory/file not found/...
>	"Allocation/Initialization/... of a resource failed"
>ppEIOError   // disk full/...
>	"Some IO operation failed"
>ppEInvalidParameter   // null pointer/value out of range/...
>	"One of the parameters has an invalid value"
>ppEUnsupportedEnvironment  // perhaps better checked at compile time ??
>	"This environment is not fully supported (yet). Please send the
>	maintainers a note about this incident."
>ppEInvalidData   // corrupt jpeg file / ...
>	"The data currently processed is invalid."
They seem OK.

>6) What about having  some mailing list for automatic CVS commit
>notifications? It's not necessary now, but as soon as more programming will
>be dont that's a very useful thing IMHO.
>(Yes, I want more mailing lists. more! More! MORE!! <drool> ;+)
Or we can just put a watch on the files we care about.  (I have a
busy enough mailbox as it is).