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Re: failure notice (fwd)

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>>2) What's the "src" dir exactly for? it currently only contains the
>>ppUtils.cc file.
>It's for all the shared code.  One day we might put container classes
>etc.  although I would prefer to use glib.   (Hehe, yet another sysdep).

Ugh. I hate sysdeps :(
Hmmm, well, what package is glib part of?

>There should be _no_ headers not under PenguinPlay/, I really hate it when
>libraries give me more than one thing into /usr/iocal/include.  (Exception:

I agree wholeheartedly

>>4) I changed the main Make_Common.in to the OBJS=$(COBJS) $(CXXOBJS) etc
>>thingy. Can you test if this actually works for your pg2d sources, Adrian?
>Eeeeventually.  (I.e when I remember to type "ifup ppp2" instead of "ifup


>>6) What about having  some mailing list for automatic CVS commit
>>notifications? It's not necessary now, but as soon as more programming will

>Or we can just put a watch on the files we care about.  (I have a
>busy enough mailbox as it is).

Hmmm. <looking up cvs watch> Yep. looks good. But we shouldnt use "hard"
watches (forcing developers to do "cvs edit" etc). Just "cvs watch add ..."
is fine however.


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