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Re: Going away for a while.

I sent this earlier, but did not receive it back from
the list, so something must have gone wrong.  Anyway.

On Fri, 23 Oct 1998, Adrian Ratnapala wrote:
>I thought I would make this anouncement well ahead of time.
>pg2d is in a state where its skeleton has been built, and there
>is almost enough meat to make some limited and slow demos.
>If I weren't  redisigning of one largish subystem, I would be 
>making it ready for for a "toy" release.  
>My problem is that I am currently heavily inundated with Real
>Life.  For the next two or three weeks I will be in heavy exam
>study mode, after that I will have about a week of hacking time
>before I go on a long holiday.   
>While I will be able do email on holiday, I won't be hacking.
>So I might not have time to get such a toy release out.  I would 
>really appreciate it if someone could take it over for me, either
>temporarily or permanently.  Could someone _please_ contact
>me about this.  Don't worry if you haven't studied the code
>too closely.
>A  toy release during the holidays would be a really great
>Christmas present.
>On a related matter, in order to prevent mailbox flooding while
>I am away, I plan to unsubscribe from the GGI list.  Warewolf
>is still subscribed isn't he?