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Re: Release plan (was: Progress Update)

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

>> Now we're almost done with that and it seems as if the system is mature and
>> "fixable" enough to be released. See below for more on that.
>This sounds nice enough to me. I would have liked to have the current
>code (however horrific it might have been) easily available, tho... As
>is, this looks more like a cathedral than a bazaar (like the old-time
>GCC and Emacs developments were).

If you read CatB and other similar essays you'd know that many of the
really successful projects started cathedral-like and switched to the
bazaar once they had something useful ;)

Anyway, the only reason for the CVS repository being empty is that it was a
complete mess, so we decided to dump it entirely and develop by
mailing/ftping stuff around until no serious file name / directory
structure changes are neccessary anymore.

>A good advice: do not start doing multiplayer Quadra if you want to
>finish *anything* before the next century. ;-))

Well, I'll have to finish all those other multiplayer games in the queue
before I start playing Quadra somewhen in the next century ;)

>We saw a few seemingly good ones, but what was killing them to my eyes
>was that they were using threads and/or a separate process. I hate
>context switches with a passion. X for games makes my stomach wobble, I
>really am looking forward to things like Direct Rendering.

No threads, as it doesn't make sense for this.

>> Making it usable for *any* task was most of the work behind PFile ;)
>Template makes me shiver, what do you have to say about that? Do you use
>them a lot? I also do not like namespaces (or C++ itself) a lot, having

Not a lot, but we *do* use them. We also use namespaces to hold all the
internals out of the way.

But the PenguinFile API is plain C.

>> > Yes. Can I have it now? Can I? Now? 8-)
>> No. But is tommorow ok? 8-)
>Hmm... We *are* tomorrow now, aren't we? 8-)~ (foaming at the mouth!)

Ok, I don't have the updated code yet, but in ftpspace
(ftp://sunsite.auc.dk/pub/os/penguinplay/) there is a file
"PenguinPlay-0.0.0.tar.gz" or so, which contains the libpp source tree from
some days ago.

>> No joke - I will upload a new source package to ftp once Bjarke sends me
>> his namespacified code (that's in some hours I guess). That code won't
>> compile and it will be buggy, but you can get a pretty detailed impression
>> from it.
>And I could try to make it at least compile on my box.

No chance - unless you add the missing ~400 lines of code ;)
Give us the time (a few days) to fix the most serious bugs first, ok?

>It would be nice if there was snapshot every so often (days? weeks?),
>even if the thing doesn't even compile. No need to keep old snapshots

Well, soon we'll have the stuff in CVS again.

>Give me a snapshot *now*! :-)

BTW - as for PFile you should *really* look at the docs first, esp. the
tutorial and API overview. That will save you much time :)


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