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Re: Release plan (was: Progress Update)

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> If you read CatB and other similar essays you'd know that many of the
> really successful projects started cathedral-like and switched to the
> bazaar once they had something useful ;)

Yes, but the switch is usually at the "barely working" part, not at the
"thoroughly optimized" part! ;-)

> Anyway, the only reason for the CVS repository being empty is that it was a
> complete mess, so we decided to dump it entirely and develop by
> mailing/ftping stuff around until no serious file name / directory
> structure changes are neccessary anymore.

Yes, that's one downside of CVS, it doesn't keep the file names in the
history, only the content...

> > We saw a few seemingly good ones, but what was killing them to my eyes
> > was that they were using threads and/or a separate process. I hate
> > context switches with a passion. X for games makes my stomach wobble, I
> > really am looking forward to things like Direct Rendering.
> No threads, as it doesn't make sense for this.

Well, most people implement sound as a part of their program forking and
talking to it thru a pipe... I searched like crazy for a synchronous
library I could use in Quadra, but ended up having to do it myself,
having found only things like ESD or similar (I don't remember all the
names, I remember looking at Koules and Doom among others)...

> But the PenguinFile API is plain C.

Ahh, good idea, as C++ sucks for library interfaces. The mangling that
can change, the virtual table layouts that always change, only usable
from C++...

The downside of a C API is that if it is C++ inside, you need to have a

Now if I could find a way to make ELF stop exporting *everything* all
the time! :-)

> >Hmm... We *are* tomorrow now, aren't we? 8-)~ (foaming at the mouth!)
> *grin*
> Ok, I don't have the updated code yet, but in ftpspace
> (ftp://sunsite.auc.dk/pub/os/penguinplay/) there is a file
> "PenguinPlay-0.0.0.tar.gz" or so, which contains the libpp source tree from
> some days ago.

That should do! Trying to compile at this very moment...

> > Give me a snapshot *now*! :-)
> BTW - as for PFile you should *really* look at the docs first, esp. the
> tutorial and API overview. That will save you much time :)

I'm rummaging thru all of this at the same time, don't worry! ;-)

Pierre Phaneuf
Ludus Design, http://ludusdesign.com/
"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you. Then you win." -- Gandhi