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Re: Game Library of the Month

Bert Peers wrote:

>> (1) "What is it?"
>> That's a little overview of the lib, continuously updated during the
>> reviewing process, so that it starts as just some sentences and ends as a
>> summary of all the other articles. More or less a "dossier" of the lib
>Do you mean that by the end of the month, this article should obsolete
>the need to read the other four ?  Probably not.. ?

No. Just a quick summary for impatient readers. If you want to get the real
picture you'd have to read the detailed articles.

>> (5) "Anatomy Studies"
>> BTW-does someone know a better name for this?
>Pattern matching ? :)

Uh, well, er, somehow I'm not able to draw the connection between pattern
matching and analyzing some software system .. 

>Anyway the idea sounds good to me !

Thanks 8)


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