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Re: side note to ppfChdir

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

>> If the game wants to change directories it should be able to do that,
>> right?
>Yes. It should use chdir() then. But doing this isn't an optimization or
>just a handy way to shorten file names, it has side-effects on the
>system (for example, the system would be unable to unmount a CD-ROM and

Well, the game needs the cd, so it accesses it and this in turn means it is
locked. Sorry, there's nothing evil with that.

>core dumps gets created in all the wrong places, or not at all if your
>cwd is in a CD-ROM!).

Systems for "normal" users usually have ulimit -c 0 set anyway, as core
files are just a waste of space for these people.
And the people for whom it makes sense to have core dumping enabled should
be able to do a "find"...

>> As described above, doing the things without chdir () is even nastier.
>What? Pre-pending the "virtual cwd" inside of PFile functions (where the
>user doesn't see them) is nasty? Come on!

It at least means doing memory allocation and string copies quite


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