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somewhat done

Well, the "somewhat" is pretty important  :)

Anyways, the namespace and name stuff is finished.

The serializsation stuff is another matter, but there are no major problems.
What needs to be done is a new interface for the the PakWFile and PakWDir
classes and an implementation of those. Should take 15 minutes to half an
hour (estimate). Then there is the Directory class, which is finished,
except for a minor matter of memory leaking if an error occurs in the
serialization process, but then, we'll survive, and I've already made my
mind up on how to best fix it. Its a little more complicated than it sounds,
but still, quite easy. Mostly a matter of tying up the ends of the
error-handling code and the serialization code without exposing the innards
of HashTable to Directory too much.

I've changed the serialization interface a little. Basically, File declares
virtual functions for  both serializing data in AND out. In the File
implementation, however, they throw EUnavailable exceptions. So, as
PakFileFile doesn't support serializing to a target, only from one, it
simply doesn't implement the proper virtual functions, but rather enherits
them from File. That, of course, means that calling a serialization function
that serializes to a source, will result in an exception of type
EUnavailable if the object it is beeing called on is a PakFileFile.

What do you think about this change?

I also completely removed the PakWThing class. It was without use in the new

Anyways, I don't think I need your help with serialization. Should be done
pretty soon (as in hopefully tomorrow or the day after that, probably
tomorrow if my homework doesn't kill me).

There are some implementation files that have had their implementation
commented out, because I simply didn't know what to do with them, and
ppf_URLInfo is generating alot of errors too. If you don't have anything to
do, that probably would be some good things to fix.

btw, I actually got PFile to compile. I had to exclude ppf_URLInfo from the
build, but oterwise things went smoothly. Well, ok, if you forget about the
fact that I've commented out a few implementation files, which caused 64
build errors... ;)

The source coming in priv mail.