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Source update

Ok, I'm now uploading a new source package (same name as before) with the
changes described below. After that I'll try to compile around a bit.

* Added new Header PenguinPlay/utility.h (included by PenguinPlay/PenguinPlay.h), declaring generic utility functions (only Strdup () for now). The functions are implemented in src/ppUtils.cpp
* Added new file src/PenguinFile/Unix.cpp containing Unix-specific implementations of some functions 
* Added new file src/PenguinFile/System.h declaring the functions implemented in Unix.cpp and Win32.cpp
* Added new file src/PenguinFile/Win32.cpp containing only stubs for now (all functions in there always fail)
* Added GetLastPart () method to URLInfo. Main reason is that e.g. StatPlain needs the last part yet plainfs URLs are usually not parsed
* Went through OpenDir.cpp and fixed many bugs. Things are uncommented again in there.
* (L)StatPlain () and (L)StatInPak () still have a memory leak. Should be relatively easy to fix, but I'd like to get some sleep before approaching that nevertheless.
* Changed the name pf ppf_GlobalData to FileGlobalData. Just GlobalData is too ambiguous.
* Fixed PakFile::Mount () (added a parameter (also to VFSInterface::Mount))
* Fixed FileGlobalData::SetCWD (). Far from perfect though. But it should at least work in most situations


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